Social Printer

Bridging the gap between online and offline content.

The Social Printer is a stunningly designed social media hashtag printer. It collects photos uploaded on selected social media with your event or brand hashtag and prints these on-site on high quality branded photo paper. With our software you can design the background on which the photo will be printed, making sure that your guests will take your brand and the perfect memory of your event home with them. We are constantly innovating and improving our products, so ask us about the social media options for collecting your guests’ uploads.

Social Feed

Put your guest in the spotlight.

Our Social Feed shows all the content uploaded on selected social media with your event or brand hashtag on as many screens as you want. Our advanced software allows you to show this content - which can be photos, but also for instance tweets (great for instant live feedback at conferences!) - either in one of our cool slideshows or as a live wall. You don’t have to worry about unwanted content being displayed on your screens with our easy to use moderation tool. Another great extra features is that you can display messages over the feed at any moment to notify your guests of for instance upcoming performances, or convey important information.

Social Backdrop

Making sure the whole picture fits.

The Social Printer and Social Feed are ideal tools to not only entertain your guests, but also grow your social media reach. However, they rely heavily on your guests’ involvement and uploaded content. We are experts in making sure you get the best result from using our tools by helping you develop pre-event hashtag campaigns, on-site activation tools, and if you don’t think your guests are tech savvy enough, we can also offer you a regular photobooth.


Tagg-it allows you to start a digital interaction with your audience and gives your guests the possibility to share their online content with you.


Our tools actively encourage your guests to use your event or brand hashtag with the content they upload on their social media networks. This social media exposure is invaluable and free!


Everybody likes a cool free gift. Not only do your guests get to take away their own printed photo for free, the photo is printed on your designed paper, which means they also take your brand or event memory home with them.


A team of professionals will come and set up the tools at your event and will be available at all times for any queries that you might have.

Embedded Gallery

Why not show off how many people are having fun at your event? During and after the event you can access your hashtag gallery and embed it into your own website.


After the event we will give you a comprehensive summary of how successful your hashtag was and how many people you have reached.